skills of a teacher. The role of MGMP in improving the teacher’s professionalism is becoming more
important when the government is implementing new curriculum. This research aims at finding out
the role of English Teacher Working Group (MGMP Bahasa Inggris) to Support Teacher
Professionalism Development to Senior High Schools in Kabupaten OKU in the academic year of
2015/2016. The population was the English teachers of SMA, students, the board of management of
English MGMP of Senior High School, and Vice Principles of Curriculum from State Senior High
School in Kabupaten OKU. The research was a descriptive qualitative by using purposive sampling.
Techniques of data collection were done through in-depth interviews, direct observation, document
analysis. Data analysis technique was in form of interactive analysis techniques. Further data have
been obtained used by triangulation method to obtain truly valid data. Based on research data analysis
it can be concluded that; (1) English MGMP for Senior High School in Kabupaten OKU contribute
greatly to the development of Senior High School English teacher professionalism in Kabupaten OKU
in terms of developing the syllabus, annual and semester program, and lesson plan, developing
teaching method and the innovative learning model, developing the use of teaching media and the
evaluation system and improving the teachers professional competence; (2) English MGMP in
Kabupaten OKU still found obstacles in its implementation so that it is needed for solving the
problems in order the activities of English MGMP run better for the following years.

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