Instilling Groundwater Saving Values At Families In Tangerang

Azizah Husin


This research aims to find out the saving value of the use of ground water by parents
in the Larangan Selatan sub-district of Tangerang. The research respondents were 40
families in one Community Unit in RW 10 Cileduk Tangerang. Data collection
techniques using questionnaires, sampling techniques using purposive sampling.
Research instruments include the Planting economical value on the use of ground
water through explanation, giving examples, reminding, direct reprimand, ordering,
getting used to. The results showed that parents undertaking educational assignments,
namely instilling saving values in ground water use were in the medium category,
namely they did not emphasize their children to save water, but parents often direct reprimand if it appears that children do not use water sparingly. For this reason, it is recommended that the RW head give an example and invite community leaders whocan explain the importance of instilling groundwater saving value.

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