Pemetaan Kawasan Bawah Permukaan Air Tanah Dangkal Menggunakan Metoda Geolistrik Resistivitas 2-D Pada daerah Kenten Tengah dan Laut, Kotamadya Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

Eddy Ibrahim


From 2D geoelectric data, it can be analyzed by looking at the 2-D resistivity
pattern from the vertical profile such as the distribution direction and the depth
position of shallow groundwater. Based on the TDS value of the contaminated
area evenly distributed with the TDS value ranging from 1500-10,000 mg/l. The
depth above 3.8 m is the Kenten Tengah area with resistivity values ranging from
8.10 ohms to 20.4 ohms, while for Kenten Ujung (Laut) with resistivity values
ranging from 11.3 ohms to 18.4 ohms. There is also a distribution of contaminated
water but is localized based on its TDS value at a depth between 1.3 to 6.4 m. For
the groundwater flow system that causes pollution, the Middle Kenten Tengah
area was an intermediate flow system and the Kenten Laut (Ujung) area was a
local flow system. Therefore, the groundwater contaminants are dominated by
Na+ and Ca++ from factory and household waste. The type of pollution for the
Kenten Tengah and Ujung regions were dispersed.

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