Utilization of water resources that are environmentally and Community-Based

Arman Manalu, Ratna Rubiana


Water is the source of life for all living things. In addition to fulfilling raw water,
water is also needed for irrigation, power generation, agricultural, livestock,
fisheries and industrial cultivation. increase in population, increase in the need for
clean water according to established quality standards. On the other hand, the
more the population, the more land will be transferred to various destinations that
damage the watershed area. So, it is necessary to make efforts to utilize water
resources that are environmentally sound. This study aims to see the effect of
water quality on people’s living habits in the watershed environment.
This research was carried out in the Citarum river area and various irrigation
channels by interviewing, directly observing people's living habits, and looking at
waste production data issued by environmental agencies. The results showed that
the quality of Citarum river water was heavily polluted not only because of the
lack of understanding and ignorance of the community in a healthy watershed
environment, but also because of the lack of adequate socialization of the healthy
way of life from the authorities

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