Hidrological Data Quality Control Technology Based on Scoring in The Framework of Data Quality Improvement

Mirwan Rofiq G, S M Yuningsih, M Fauzi, Desi W, Asep F, Lintang G


Hydrological data is a determinant of the results of reliable hydrological analysis.
Facts in the field indicate that the data is not in accordance with the ideal
conditions. Scoring technology for quality control based on scoring hydrology is
made to early detect the source of problems that can be improved, anticipated
accurately and quickly, so that the quality of hydrological data can be improved.
Hydrological data quality control methods include appraisal performance of tools
and station observer, field data, results of data processing, and recommendations
for improvement. The application of technology has been carried out in several
pilot stations with the results of the quality control of rainfall data 41 stations in
the good category, 14 poor stations and 3 bad stations. The discharge data 2
stations are in the poor category and 12 in the bad stations. Sediment data of 3
stations are categorized as poor. Climatology data for 1 stations is categorized as
good. The results of the quality control and recommendations were then made a
minor improvement scenario, the results showed an increase in the category to be
good. This technology does not yet exist in Indonesia and is a development that
has gone through trials and applications.

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