Integrated Water Management System in Sikunang Village Heat Area, Kejajar Wonosobo

Heri Setianto


The interaction of people's lives in Sikunang Village in geothermal areas is by using
springs to meet the domestic water needs of the community. Existing springs are the
main source of fulfillment of the domestic water needs of the community. This
research is a descriptive study, which aims to describe the forms of water
management activities carried out by the community. The method used in this
research is survey method, interview and research documentation. The interview
involved several speakers with a snowballing system and questionnaires using
Proportional Random Sampling to the community. The results of the study show that
spring management in Sikunang Village is still very simple in terms of facilities and
infrastructure, institutions, financing and regulatory aspects. The management of
springs in Sikunang Village prioritizes the social functions of the spring rather than
the economic and environmental functions. Management of springs prioritizes the
social functions that exist in Sikunang Village between cooperation, mutual respect,
mutual cooperation, togetherness, and promoting common interests in the
management of springs.

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