The learning model analogy in linguistics was the similarities between the forms which became the
basis of other forms. Analogy was one of the morphology processes, where there was a formulation of
the new words from the existed word. Analogy was done because from something that has been
compared and its comparation has the same function and role. By doing analogy, a person could
explain something which was abstract or complicated to be something that easy to be understood
(inductive and logic analogy). Multicultural was a term that used to describe someone’s point of view
about the life on this earth, or the policy which focused on different culture acceptance, citizen,
system, culture, customs, and politics they have. At least, main thing that need to be planted by them
was done by teacher or lecturer, will be disturb by the literature management, finding information,
practice the dialogue, and create a creative outside and multicultural. This study was qualitative
research, which had to test the language learning model affectivity. The objective of this study was to
create creative multicultural learning method. In order to reach the objective, the method used in this
study was research and development system from Gall and Borg (2003). The specific target of this
research was the learning method, analogy. For all the students of Bahasa Indonesia study program in
some university in Palembang with this specification : (1) the objective of learning based on
curriculum 2013; (2). Could be done with or without the lecturer; and (3 ) could develop creative
learning for students. Based on the method , (1) teaching and learning observation in quasy
experiment classroom. (2) selecting short story to be a material for teaching; (3). Learning model
composition; (4) learning models tested; (5). Result evaluation; and (6). Learning model revision

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