Analisis Respon Hidrologi dan Simulasi Konservasi Tanah-Air di Sub Das Cicatih Menggunakan Model Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)

Naveisha Eka Putri, Kharistya Amaru, Iwan Ridwansyah


A good ecosystem of the watershed could provide many benefits to living organisms around it. This study is to analyze various scenarios of land use to repair baseflow and lateral flow. The research was conducted in the Cicatih sub-watershed, Cimandiri watershed with an area of 562.37 km2. Hydrology modeling used for soil and water conservation simulation is the SWAT model. The result of this study show that the NSE is 0.75 and 0.65 and the R2 is 0.56 and 0.8 respectively. There are four scenarios to be analyzed. The best result of baseflow, runoff, and lateral flow analyses is the fourth scenario that uses soil and water conservation techniques combination. The scenario could reduce direct runoff by 381.35 mm ,increase lateral by 301.19 mm, and increase baseflow by 349.96 mm.

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