Analisis Sebaran Sedimen Tersuspensi Terkait Perubahan Lingkungan Perairan Muara Sungai Banyuasin Sumatera Selatan Indonesia

Yulifa Handayani, Eddy Ibrahim, Muhammad Hendri, Ngudiantoro Ngudiantoro, Robiyanto Hendro Soesanto, Fauziyah Fauziyah


Banyuasin river estuary (MSB) is considered to have a variety of sedimentation classes originating from alluvial and marine processes, besides that this location is a special economic area (KEK) and there is also the Sembilang National Park (TNS) which is a conservation and utilization area. The utilization of natural resources creates pressure on the MSB ecosystem. The research objective was to determine the distribution of suspended solids load (MPT) that occurred in MSB and the most dominant oceanographic parameters that occurred in MSB waters. This study uses image interpretation methods as well as data collection and measurement of water parameters as ground-thruthing data resulting from spatial analysis. The results showed that the highest MPT distribution was at Tanjung Sere and Ekor Tikus island (1.051g/L), while the lowest was at Tanjung Api-Api (0.571g/L), with the most dominant oceanographic parameters occurring at current velocity, the ebb and flow of MSB waters. Therefore the MPT distribution that occurs in MSB is the highest at the Tg Sere and Ekor Tikus Island locations, while the lowest is at the Tg Api-Api location, with the most dominant oceanographic parameters being the velocity of currents and tides. Consequently, it is necessary to conduct a more detailed study and time series related to water physics parameters to determine the MPT distribution pattern.

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