Diversity of Phytoplankton Species in Teluk Gelam Lakes in Ogan Komering Ilir District

Syaiful Eddy, Dian Mutiara, Muh. Rico Wilyan Sapta


Research has been done on the diversity of phytoplankton in Teluk Gelam Lake of
Ogan Komering Ilir Regency, South Sumatra Province was conducted from
March to April 2015. This study aimed to determine the diversity of
phytoplankton species in the Teluk Gelam Lake. Sampling of phytoplankton used
purposive sampling method with the number of stations as many as 5 stations.
Identification of phytoplankton types was carried out in the laboratory of the
MIPA Faculty, University of PGRI Palembang by observing using a microscope.
The results of the study obtained 5 classes of phytoplankton in Teluk Gelam Lake,
namely Chlorophyceae, Zygnematophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Euglenophyceae
and Cyanophyceae, which consisted of 11 orders, 13 families, 17 genera and 17
species. The Chlorophyceae and Zygnematophyceae are the class with the largest
number of species, each of which consists of 6 species.

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