Design Criteria for Reclaimed Lowland Housing Site in Effort to Control Flood Runoff

Widya Fransiska F Anwar


Fulfillment of housing needs in Palembang results in lowland reclamation for
residential locations which cause flood runoff. This flood runoff shows that there
are specific criteria in designing the reclaimed lowland housing sites. The purpose
of this paper is to find criteria in designing the drainage networks and housing site
for controlling flood runoff. This paper explored the morphology and topography
of the site of lowland housing. The research was conducted qualitatively by
elaborating the structure of the area, zoning, drainage and topography on the five
reclaimed lowland housing areas in Palembang. Qualitative descriptive analysis
was carried out by using super-imposed of contour and morphological maps. The
result shows that the developers did not respond the topography in designing the
housing sites. The study concludes that in order to control flood runoff,
topography is the main criterion in planning drainage networks and designing the
housing site. Topography determines the direction of natural runoff water flow so
that damage caused by runoff flooding can be avoided.

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