Address Forms in Kerinci Language, Dialect of Tanjung Pauh Mudik

Nely Arif



Documentation of regional language in Globalizatian era is one of efforts to keep the existence of the language itself. This research aimed to describe (1) kinds of address forms in the Kerinci Language, Tanjung Pauh Mudik Dialect and (2) factors effecting the use of address forms. In this research, the researcher acted as a key instrument in collecting the data. Sources of data were from the use of spoken language. The research involved several informants. Criteria of informants referred to the opinion of Samarin (1998:41), Djajasudarma (1993:20), and Sudaryanto (1998: 28). The data were obtained by using some techniques from interview method and observational method. In observation techniques, researchers collected  non – linguistic data such as area and appropriate and sufficient informants . some kinds of address forms found are personal pronoun such as Kayo ‘you”, sidu “he/she”;  title concerning family relationship or kinship such as mak “mother”, pak “fatherkuwo”brother”, kandak”brother”, induk ”aunt”;and  nickname such as Ra or RaraNa or Vina. And then, some factors affecting the use of address forms are socialeconomic status, sex, age, and relationship between interlucators.

Key words: address forms, Kerinci Language, Tanjung Pauh Mudik Dialect

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