Marina Siti Sugiyati


This study aims to describe morphophonemic in Rejang language. Data is collected by library method. The literature is in the form of a Rejang-Indonesian dictionary book compiled by Chairil Chile et al. Considering that morphophonemic is studying phoneme changes that arise as a result of meeting morphemes with other morphemes, a morphological row is used to determine morphemes. Therefore, it can be stated that in the Rejang language there are three morphophonemic processes, namely 1) the phoneme change process, 2) the phoneme addition process, 3) the phoneme loss process. In connection with the morphophonemic process in Rejang there is one thing that needs attention, namely the morphophonemic process of nasal affix / N / morpheme. Therefore, the morphophonemic process depends on the basic shape conditions that follow. So that the Rejang language morphophonemic rules can be stated.


Keywords: Morphophonemic, and Rejang language

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