Hermandra Hermandra, Zulhafizh Zulhafizh


Abstract: The objectives of this research are to carry out a study on the implementation of language rules in newspapers This research is qualitative research. The sample of this research there are three newspapers is Riau Pos, Koran Riau, and Pekanbaru Pos. The data were gathered by using documentation techniques and were analysed by descriptive approach. The data show that some mistakes are found in newspapers, such as name of a person writing, name of place writing, title writing, abbreviations, dashes, prepositions, standard words, syllables, names of month, freign language words, loanwords, misspelling and added or omitted words. In conclusion these mistakes may gradually be considered as an implementation of correct language rules by the readers that are unnware of the mistakes. Therefore, those who concern about languages should promote the use of correct language rules.


Keywords: rules, language, mistakes, newspapers

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