Development of Bilingual Children’s Fiction with The theme Jambinese Local Wisdom, Local Language and Culture

Armiwati Armiwati, Tubagus Zam Zam Al Arif


Development of Bilingual  Children’s  Fiction

with The theme  Jambinese  Local Wisdom, Local Language and Culture


                               Tubagus Zam Zam Al Arif



Children’s  literature is as  an creative  imagination  which is expressed in a series of events that are full of simple messages. Children's literature aims to introduce life descriptions that are meaningful to children related to their age. Through  this  creative imagination , children will  get to know and explore their environment both in the natural and social environment in an entertaining and fun way without coercion or stating of being adjusted. Norton  (2010:3) states developing positive attitudes toward our own culture and the culture of other is necessary for both social and personal development. Through a collection of children's stories with the theme of Jambinese local wisdom, language and culture in the frame of the diversity, in hopes, to introduce and build  children’s attitudes to always appreciate what is in their environment. The collection of children's stories is a medium of communication with children to  stimulate children’s imagination and develops  a positive attitude towards their social environments; parents, teachers, brothers, sisters and their friends  as instilling ethical values as the character of the Indonesian nation.  Thus children's literature will provide an aesthetic experience of Jambinese local wisdom, language and culture and will stimulate intellectual and emotional responses for children through imagination in accordance with their age.


Key words: Children ’literature, local language, parents.



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