Didan Nugraha, Hariswan Putera Jaya, Fiftinova Fiftinova


Abstract: Undergraduate students are expected to be independent learners, yet they are resourceful enough to have a good grade. Being independent means deciding what is good for themselves and what is not, academically or socially. In consequence, they had to have correct and proper ways of understanding their personality and emotion because each human has a different style of learning. Emotional intelligence has been a standard on providing sufficient information on the test takers on their personality and state of emotions. The objectives of this study were to find out the level of students’ emotional intelligence, the level of students’ listening comprehension achievement, and whether or not there was a significant correlation between students’ emotional intelligence and their listening comprehension achievement. The study was correlation with Pearson-product moment. The population was 335 students of English Education Department, at Sriwijaya University, and with purposive sampling technique, 78 students of the sixth semester were chosen as the sample. To collect the data and to measure students’ emotional intelligence level and students’ listening comprehension achievement, both emotional intelligence questionnaire and listening comprehension achievement test were distributed. The Pearson correlation was used in data analysis using SPSS 21. The result revealed students’ emotional intelligence level was “mid” and their listening comprehension achievement was “low”. Furthermore, the correlation between students’ emotional intelligence and students’ listening comprehension achievement is positive and weak in which the r-obtained was lower than the value of r-table 0.033 < 0.22) at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). The value of probability (0.776) was higher than 0.05, so there was no significant correlation between students’ emotional intelligence and students’ listening comprehension achievement. It can be stated that emotional intelligence played a factor in determining students’ listening comprehension achievement but not the determining ones.


Keywords: Correlation, Emotional Intelligence, Listening Comprehension


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