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Pantun is an oral literature that contains elements of learning. Pantun has become a tradition that cannot be separated in daily routines, especially in Malay culture. Reply to Pantun is a tradition that functions as a media to develop and to distribute of friendship or silaturahim between people, so it takes logic to think in conveying meaningful meaning. It does not rule out the possibility of a mismatch pattern that is bound by the structure, considering that this Pantun source is a student in a high school who is still in the process of learning. The standard structure is preferred as the aesthetic basis of the work. The formulation of this problem is how is the Pantun pattern in the 25th literary practicum of the University of Riau? The purpose of the study is to describe the pantun pattern in the 25th literary practicum of the University of Riau. The basic theory is the nature of rhymes. This research is qualitative research, the method used is descriptive. The data collection technique used documentation technique. Analyzing data based on literature study. The results showed that the suitability of the stanzas, rows, rhymes, number of words, number of syllables, content and Sampiran in the pantun shifted from structures which were essentially in accordance with the tradition of pantun structure as old literature which was highly bound. Another finding is that the ability to think quickly in pantun response makes the structure unnoticed in doing Pantun, it prefers sounds or rhymes. The conclusions of the study are that the pantun in the literary practicum experiences a discrepancy with the pantun pattern as old literature. The recommendation of this research should be the learning of rhymes in schools emphasizing on the aspect of structure in accordance with the nature of pantun as the old literature.

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